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What our chiropractic patients say...


I just want to thank the staff and Dr. Bill for taking the time to squeeze me in today!  My lower back pain really had me down and out but I was able to get a massage, then off to have x-rays done and then back for my first alignment.  


I am so happy with every aspect of my experience today and am so glad I have found you all :)  See you again Wednesday!


--- Jamie Dennis Ritt

Chiropractor services Fredericksburg Virginia

I've been to a chiropractor off and on for the last 25 years and love it. I can have a "kink" or pain that just won't quit, a visit to the chiropractor and it's gone.


My favorite chiropractic story is several years ago I had to use a cane to get around and had trouble lifting my legs. I had to have help getting out of bed, up from a chair , and out of the car. I had to physically pick up each leg and move it to get out of the car. My girls used to be my helpers because I couldn't do anything. My husband reminded me I hadn't been to the chiropractor in a while. I went and a week later I was on a motorcycle trip to the mountains.


--- Robin Dean

Dr. Bill and his staff run a great (and honest!) environment for chiropractic care. No unnecessary frills. For straightforward back, hip and knee adjustments/care, his office is the place to go. Moreover, his prices are below some of the other practices around. Bill offers extras just like everyone else, but his standard care is great. My only stop for adjustments is at Dr. Bill's.


He was recommended to me by a coworker, and I am here to make the same case to you.

Highly recommend.


--- Andrey Rukhin

Dr. Bill is a king among men.


--- Erik Meyer

 I chose to see a chiropractor because I was having some lower back pain from a four wheeling accident I had a few years back. After I got my adjustment I felt 100% better. I would recommend anyone to Total Health Chiropractic Center. 


--- Jimmie Bynum

chiropractor in fredericksburg va

Total Health Chiropractic Center was invited to our school. I had my appointment time with them and did a follow-up. They took x-rays and then showed me the results and discussed a plan for me. I accepted the plan.


Besides getting to see and talk to all the wonderful people that work in the office, I come because it has helped me with correcting my posture, how I sit in a chair, reduce stress, and I really, really enjoy the hydro-bed!!


I used to have that annoying pain across my back from shoulder to shoulder, I wasn't sleeping as well, and basically had aches and pains all over. I started coming to THCC and receiving the traction, back adjustments, and began using the hydro-bed. I feel my posture has improved because of the quality effort and time Dr. Bill has given me. He really is an all over body fixer!


I have mentioned various problems in my hands, sinuses, and a couple of times I've had a rib pop out and he has been able to explain the procedure he does, listens to what you say, and gives very good advice when asked a specific question. Overall I am very happy with the care I receive from Dr. Bill and the office staff.


--- Susan Leiss

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